Imagine pursuing your education at the world's leading colleges and universities, all while maintaining full control over your decisions.

At Gradlynk, we understand your desire for autonomy, and we are here to help you achieve the future you've always dreamed of. In a time when the competition is fierce and options are many, Gradlynk, an Ed-tech platform gives you a seamless way to browse over 90,000+ courses from top institutes in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Europe, USA, Asia and many more countries across the globe.

Empower Your Future With Gradlynk- Unlock Your Desired Path

Intelligent Course Search Advisor (iCSA)

Intelligent Course Compare Tool (iCompare)

Automated Application Tracking and Updates

Study Abroad

Forex Management, Travel and Accommodation

Virtual and In-Person Internships

Post Arrival Services and Migration

Intelligent Market Trend for Students


Gradlynk & Partner Institutions

iBusiness Insights

Automated daily and weekly reports to track the number of applications, offers, acceptances and visa approvals for each institution.

Goal Setting and Targets

Institution-specific goal setting and daily achievement progression for target attainment.

Two Step Authentication and Validation

Gradlynk's two-step verification process ensures pre-vetting of applications and double document validation, providing our partners with authentic, high-quality candidates.

Automated Eligibility Checks

Gradlynk automates the filtration process to identify and exclude ineligible applicants who do not meet the entry requirements of the institution.

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A career guide that quite literally fits in your pocket. Check your application on the go.


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